About Us

Language Link is a small business dedicated to giving Deaf people and service providers a choice to use qualified, certified interpreters to ease communication between those using American Sign Language and English. Our interpreters have been certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, and will provide skilled interpreting services with professionalism and dedication. Our combined years of experience represent decades of work in the field of interpreting in a variety of settings. Whether your setting is medical, business, legal, educational, vocational, religious, or fine arts, we have a professional that can handle the job.

Owner Patty Harmon (CI,CT) is committed to sending only highly qualified professionals to your site to make communication smooth and accurate. Our goal is to provide easy scheduling and skillful, reliable service, limiting your time investment to one phone call or email. Requesting services with sufficient advance notice makes it easier on everyone, but we encourage you to call for emergency services too. We will attempt to fulfill your request regardless of the hour. 

      For more information, email us at, or call (423) 915-6170.

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